After a day-long manhunt, police were finally able to catch up with the 19-year-old Michigan student who allegedly killed his parents. James Eric Davis Jr is a suspect in the fatal Shooting on Friday which led to the death of both his parents. According to a CNN tally, the recent shooting is the 12th school shooting just nine weeks into the year.

James is a student at the Central Michigan University. The police believe he shot both his parents after a family-related dispute. The university released a statement claiming the suspect was spotted by an individual on a train passing through the campus at midnight.

The school President George E. Ross thanked the campus law enforcement personnel and the community for working together in capturing the suspect.


Victims of the shooting James Eric Davis Sr., 48 and Diva Jeenen Davis, 47, were identified as the suspect’s parents. A relative of the victims told CNN their family was in shock and are trying to understand what prompted the incident. Though he was arrested without resisting, James was immediately transported to McLaren Hospital due to what the police referred to as a drug-related incident or severe reaction to drugs. There were no other shooting incidences reported in the area, and the police are yet to figure out how the teenager got hold of the weapon.

The fatal shooting occurred in the early hours of Friday morning on the dorms forth flour. The suspect lived with his parents in Chicago suburb of Bellwood. His father James Davis Sr. worked as a part-time police officer for 20 years and was highly regarded by the Police Chief. According to Bellwood Mayor Andre Harvey, James Davis Sr.

was a pillar of the community beloved by family and friends.

Schools panic

After news of the shooting broke out, schools in the region went into ‘secure mode' which meant no access into or out of the school; doors were locked, windows shut and blinds drawn. The shooting comes weeks after the tragic massacre of students and staff in Florida.

According to the White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley, the president was briefed on the shooting. Officials say Isabella County Sheriff's Department and the Mount Pleasant police assisted the university police in locating the suspect. According to the ATF, agents from Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Explosives, and Tobacco also played a part in apprehending James Davis Jr. More information on what transpired that fateful day is yet to be released.