One police officer was killed during a shooting with a suspect barricaded in a home in Clinton, Missouri. The Missouri Highway Patrol confirmed the death. CBS Kansas City reported that the Clinton Police Department, Henry County Sheriff's Office, and Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to the scene. S.W.A.T. also responded. The officers were serving court papers to the home, which is 75 miles outside of Kansas City.

The Clinton Fire Department released a statement calling for the public to avoid the area, saying the suspect barricaded himself in the home and asked for them to refrain from posting on social media any information gained from radio traffic or mere speculation.

It was later confirmed that the suspect was found dead inside the house.

Shooting started as police attempted to apprehend the suspect

According to a press briefing by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, three officers arrived on scene and the suspect opened fire from inside the home. The trio of officers entered the home, intending to apprehend the suspect. However, the suspect opened fire again, killing one of the officers and wounding the other two. The two injured officers were able to leave the house and were taken to a nearby hospital to undergo treatment.

According to the Highway Patrol, a 911 call was made from a home near South Orchard and West Ohio Street.

The 911 dispatcher heard two women screaming in the background. Law enforcement did not identify the weapon used in the shooting.

Police left dealing with the death of another officer

Fox 4 reports this is the second police officer killed in the line of duty in Clinton, Missouri in the last year. Officer Gary Michael was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop last August.

Officer Michael managed to shoot and wound the suspect. Law enforcement launched a manhunt and managed to capture the suspect after two days. Police identified that suspect as Ian McCarthy and charged him with first-degree murder.

Clinton, Missouri are now faced with burying a fellow officer. The murdered officer has not been identified but served with the Clinton Police Department for four years.

The officer came back to the department after Officer Gary Michael was killed. Lowe has described the police department as small enough that each officer knows each other, and the community knows each officer. An incident like this has left the city in shock. Along with the city, the country is still dealing with attacks on police, with no end in sight.