As students stage protests all over the country to demand stricter gun reforms, the House passed a bill that focuses on early detection and prevention of school violence, CNN report. However, the law fails to expand background checks and increase the age for purchasing firearms. The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed the bill in a 407 to 10 vote.

Gun reform has been a topic of controversy over the past month. After the massacre of the 17 students in Florida, parents and students have been organizing walkouts nationwide demanding a change in gun laws.

Last week Governor Rick Scott signed a state law that raised the age for purchasing firearms from 18 to 21 and banned the use of bump stocks. Moments after signing the bill the NRA sued Florida lawmakers for passing the bill. According to the NRA chief lobbyist, Chris Cox, the new state law goes against the constitution of the United States.

Authorities say alleged Parkland shooter, Nikolas Cruz, legally purchased the weapon he used in the massacre of the students and staff. Cruz has been charged with 34 counts of first-degree murder and attempted murder. According to his lawyer, Cruz plans to plead guilty to all 34 counts to avoid the death penalty.

Stop School Violence Act

The STOP School Violence Act passed by the House might be the only action Republicans agree to in response to the recent school shootings.

John Rutherford, a Republican congressman from Florida, told reporters that the new bill marks a significant step forward in protecting children, teachers, and administrators in the country. The legislation would authorize $50 million annual grants aimed at paying for “school threat assessment” teams to train staff and students to identify early signs and report possible threats to the authorities.

Both the NRA and the gun-reform group, Sandy Hook Promise, praised the House for passing the bill. The managing director of Sandy Hook Promise tweeted that though the bill does not solve everything, it’s still an essential step in preventing violence in schools. In his statement, Cox said the legislature would stop school violence and help identify individuals at possible risk of violence.

White House backs the new law

The White House also applauded the House passage of the bill. The president tweeted that the “STOP School Violence Act puts the safety of America’s children first by improving training and providing schools and law enforcement with better tools” to ensure an incident like the Parkland shooting never happens again.