Earlier this week, CNN covered a story about a female "model" in Bangkok who claimed to have information on Donald Trump's ties to Russia. In response, Fox News host Sean Hannity wasn't too happy about it.

Hannity on CNN

Over the last year, the hottest political story has been in regards to the potential link between Donald Trump and Russia.

Following Trump's election win, several well-respected news sources and government agencies confirmed that Russia hacked into the 2016 election with the goal of defeating Hillary Clinton, despite Trump denying any involvement. One of the more controversial details of the investigation into Russian interference has been the "pee tape" dossier put together by Christopher Steele that appears to tie Trump to the Kremlin, including the president's alleged involvement with Russian prostitutes.

After CNN ran a story earlier this week with a so-called Russian "seductress" named Anastasia Vashukevich, who also is known as Nastya Rybka, who claims to have information about Trump's reported ties to Russia, Fox News host Sean Hannity decided to lash out in a series of tweets on March 6.

"Fake news hook*r desperation. First interview people in the middle of a meltdown, now this?" Hannity tweeted. "Maybe fake news CNN should try Wikileaks since Julian Assange knows where the DNC emails r from," he added, before concluding, "If Mueller wanted the truth he should have started there also."

Double down

In a follow-up tweet, Sean Hannity then re-tweeted a post from foreign political activist and "internet entrepreneur" known as Kim Dotcom about the Russian investigation, while adding his own comments.

"If CNN is now investigating Hookers, lets head to NZ and ask Kim what he wants to give Mueller," Hannity wrote.

After another re-tweet of Kim Dotcom, Hannity once again doubled down on his tweetstorm.

"Julian released the DNC emails, Mueller needs to interview Julian Assange. Let’s forensically test where the emails came from. What is Mueller afraid of?" Hannity rhetorically asked. "Wikileaks (like them or not) has not been wrong in 11 years. Can CNN, NBC News, New York Times, Washington Post say the same?" he wondered. Hannity's defense of the president has only increased in recent months, as he's become Trump's number one fan in the media. While Trump has spent a considerable amount of time bashing the press, Hannity appears to be a political safe space for the commander in chief.