Earlier this week, Twitter started to suspend thousands of accounts that were reportedly created by Russian bots. In response, several high-profiled Donald Trump supporters and other conservatives complained that they have lost may followers from their personal Twitter accounts.

Twitter's purge

While the announcement has not yet been made by Twitter, reports have circulated that the company has purged their system and erased thousands of accounts that have been linked to Russia.

The issue of Russian social media hacking has been an ongoing issue ever since Donald Trump pulled off his shocking upset win over Hillary Clinton. Since then, social media platforms have been feeling the heat as to what they can do to stop the spread of misinformation coming from foreign countries, with Russia being at the top of the list.

As reported by The Hill on February 21, Twitter has deleted many accounts that reportedly originated in Russia, much to the chagrin of top conservative voices. "The Twitter purge is real.

You may have to re-follow me after last night if you’re interested in my content," conservative author Dan Bongino tweeted.

"For whatever reason, I lost over 2K followers last night.

2K! So you might have to re-follow. Check to make sure you are STILL following me," radio host Larry Elder tweeted out. "I lost 2K followers last night- 1st and 2nd amendment in jeopardy!" cartoonist Ben Garrison posted. "Could the company please provide the criteria for erasing followers while folks sleep," Fox Business host Charles Payne tweeted.

Mockery results

After the news broke that conservative figures were losing followers due to the reported Twitter purge of Russian bots, critics were quick to have some fun. "Retweet if you were not one of the people who lost a lot of their imaginary bot friends on Twitter last night!" one tweet read.

"Can we call the Lock Out the Trolling Green Massacre?" a Twitter user wrote. "If you're still upset that Twitter removed thousands of Russian bot accounts last night, don't be.

Now is not the time to address this! They were all paid crisis actors, so stop politicizing this! These bots all knew what they had signed up for!" yet another tweet stated.

"The Lock Out is hilarious.

Curious, I didn’t lose any followers. No one in Russia likes me I suppose," a social media user wrote. The reactions continued as the purge of Twitter reportedly continued as many wait the social media company to address the situation with an offical statement.