President Donald trump has said that he was looking forward to speaking to Robert Mueller, but his lawyers don't think it's a good idea, believing his habit of lying might put him at risk. President Trump has said he would be willing to testify under oath.

Trump continues to deny any collusion between his team and Moscow and has called the Russia probes as a witch hunt. This attempt at protecting Trump could lead to a legal showdown and an extension to the Mueller investigation and bring more attention to the president and the Russia probe.

Trump lawyers divided over speaking to investigators

Despite all of that, some on his team are ready to risk it. Defense lawyer John Down, Jay Sekulow and others believe that Mueller would not take the risk subpoenaing Trump if the counsel believed he might lose a possible court battle.

Trump's legal team believe Mueller does not have any legal standing on matters that Mueller is investigating, including Trump's alleged role in drafting the false statement about Trump Jr.'s meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign. Other members of Trump's legal team including Ty Cobb, advocate for speaking and cooperating with Mueller.


Trump once said he believes Mueller will treat him fairly. Pres. Trump's legal team have been divided over how much they should work with Mueller. Trump's tendency to lie could jeopardize him, even if he's not under oath. Lying to the FBI is a serious crime.

A decision is coming

Pres. Trump will make a decision in the next few weeks.

Refusing to speak with Mueller comes with political consequences. Democrats would accuse Trump of hiding something and possibly keep Republicans from holding onto control of Congress in the midterm elections and beyond.

Several key Republicans have also spoken out saying Trump should not speak with Mueller. Former New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie has said that unless there is credible evidence then Trump has no reason to be speaking to a special counsel.

CNN reports that none of Trump's legal team have spoken publicly on a decision. A decision to speak will have a major impact on the investigation. Dowd has been the go-between Mueller and the White House when discussing the possible sit-down.

He would not be the first president to agree to speak with prosecutors who are investigating them. Pres. Nixon spoke but refused to hand over incriminating tapes. According to Cobb, the administration has been fully cooperating with Mueller since last summer, hoping it would speed up the investigation.