The meteoric rise of Barstool Sports is nothing short of amazing. The company has gone from a free newspaper being handed out in the streets of Boston to a $100 million empire that bleeds into every major facet of pop culture.

They have launched personalities who have become coveted at other major networks. Though their loyalty to not just leave the pirate ship has resulted in joint collaborations with Comedy Central and ESPN.

The company has become so successful that one professional NFL player, Pat McAfee, left his job as a punter for the Indianapolis Colts to be a full-time employee.

Even celebrities began working for the brand as they hired actor and comedian Michael Rapaport as a brand ambassador and podcaster. The only people more loyal is their fan base. Rapaport learned that this week the hard way.

Tension at Barstool

While the idea to sign Rapaport was made by the owner and trusted leader Dave Portnoy, not everyone at the company was on board with their new co-worker. Arguments with other employees and a general sense that he was more about promoting himself than the brand did not sit well with everyone. One major complaint was how he went to great lengths to distance himself from Barstool whenever he was doing his own projects or appearances.

One major issue was a fantasy football bet made with Smitty in the office.

Rapaport loves to tell the world how great he is at fantasy football and when Smitty challenged him to put his money where his mouth was he agreed. The only problem was Rapaport lost and then refused to pay out, which is a cardinal sin in the gambling community.

This feud boiled over during the companies recent "Rough and Rowdy" boxing event held in West Virginia.

During the night of amateur bouts, Smitty himself was competing against another Barstool personality "$20 Chef." Rumors swirled that Smitty was on steroids and Rapaport proceed to tweet the following close to 100 times during the program.

The funniest part about it was that not only was Smitty "on the juice," but everyone at the office knew about it and was cool with it.

Even his opponent! This was an amateur boxing night that was for fun. Rapaport was taking things far too seriously after being called out for not paying on the bet.

The final straw

The arguments continued well into the night until Rapaport dropped this bomb.

Wanting to get the last word in, Rapaport had his say.

The two have continued to feud online back and forth since the dismissal.

Rapaport's downfall was insulting the fans who are the foundation of the company. Portnoy was smart to stand by them and deliver decisive action to end Rapaport's time at Barstool.

Despite parting ways, it is unlikely that this feud will end anytime soon.