Donald Trump has an interesting way of showing his respect for murder victims. The President is in Florida once again this weekend, having spent a few minutes touring the hospital where several of the Florida high school shooting victims are being treated.

In total, it appears Trump spent a grand total of 11 minutes with those victims and their families, before deciding the best course of action was to pose in a photo with several first responders, his wife Melanie and Marco Rubio.

Since then, he’s found a new way to show his respect for the victims.

His aides say he hasn’t played any golf this weekend ... yet.

Donald Trump is spending his time watching television

Washington Post reporter Mark Beerman has shed some light on how President Trump has been spending his President’s Day weekend so far. Those aides say that while he has been staying off the golf course, he hasn’t exactly been keeping his nose to the grindstone.

The aides say that the President has instead been spending his time “Watching Television and Tweeting.” What isn’t known is whether those who talked to Berman were kidding, or whether they really believed that was a way POTUS was showing respect for people who had been gunned down earlier in the week.

What is clear is that there will be a segment of the country who don’t believe as though watching television and tweeting aren’t showing a great deal of respect, considering he is one man who could do something about what happpened on Wednesday afternoon.

Donald Trump has been tweeting quite a bit lately

The President has indeed been firing off quite the Tweetstorm.

The topic of conversation has largely been on Russia, though he did manage to bring up the shooting here and there. His biggest tweet about Florida came on Saturday night when he blamed the Democrats for not doing anything about mass shootings when Obama was president.

It’s not clear what he thought the Democrats should have done back then, nor whether he will attempt to do anything now that he’s in the Oval Office.

He also said it was very sad that the FBI missed signs that Nikolas Cruz was going to be attacking his old high school.

After those tweets, he moved onto the Russian investigation, claiming Adam Schiff had been blaming Obama,, “finally.” He also made sure to claim, over and over again that the Russian intervention had not affected the election. What Donald Trump didn’t both mentioning in any of his many tweets, was whether he planned on actually punishing the Russians for their actions.