Following the recent massacre in Parkland, Florida, the debate surrounding gun control in the country has shifted. Policymakers on Capitol Hill agree that the recent murder of students in Florida by former student demand for action. What they are yet to decide is what to do about it.

Arizona Republican, Senator Jeff Flake is currently working on a bill that will raise the age from 18 to 21 to purchase particular semi-automatic rifles. According to his recent interview, the Senator believes this time it will be different; he hopes the bill will pass restricting individuals under the age of 21 from purchasing semi-automatic weapons.

Will this year be different?

Gun reforms remain one of the most politically controversial subjects for decades, and despite the fiery movements led by students all over the country, the chances of changing gun laws are still dim. Teachers and the public have also been supporting students demand for gun reforms. The recent shootings seem to have left the country in shock as most of the teachers and parents living in fear for their children's safety. Senator John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, disagrees with the need for gun reforms and was quoted saying there should be better idiot control than more gun control.

Over the past years, mass shootings have been met by resounding silence in the Senate.

In the year 2013, Republicans and some Democrats blocked a bill that could have implemented universal Background Checks on all existing and potential gun owners. The introduction of the bill came after the 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school massacre in Connecticut.

President set to host legislators to discuss alternatives

The president plans to host a bipartisan group of legislators on Wednesday to discuss legislative alternatives.

The recent debate was prompted by the president after he advised Congress to act on the reforms following the death of the 17 children and faculty members on the 14th of this month. trump backs the strengthening of background checks and the ban on bump stocks, devices that convert semi-automatic weapons into automatic ones.

The tool was used last year by a shooter who killed dozens of people at a music concert in Las Vegas.

Republicans, who control the chambers of the Congress are working on a bill known as Fix Nics. The bill would strengthen information sharing and reports within the existing background checks system. Though the bill would be a step towards stricter gun laws, it fails to address the issues around private sales, purchases at gun shows and family transfers.