President Trump's Chief Of Staff John Kelly is facing scrutiny over the handling of domestic abuse allegations against former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter, who has denied the allegations against him. The future of Kelly is unclear but CNN reported that President Trump has asked his friends and associates about possible replacements for his chief of staff role.

Possible replacements include House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, CIA Director Mike Pompeo and OMB Director Mick Mulvaney among others.

Trump has asked a close friend and confidant, Tom Barrack, if he would consider the position, but he declined.

The President has also grown frustrated over comments Kelly has made recently including saying "Dreamers" were too lazy to sign up for DACA and that Trump's immigration views were changing. Some say that actions taken by Kelly over the Porter scandal could give him reason to fire him.

Not the first time Kelly has offered to resign

Kelly has frequently offered to resign on multiple occasions over disagreements with President Trump. John Kelly is being pressed on why he and other top officials did not act quickly to remove Porter from a role in the White House.

According to Yahoo News, the administration knew for months about the claims made against Porter, even as his power grew in the White House.

Porter managed to keep his job until allegations escalated and more details were released. Kelly later released a statement, sharing his concern about the allegations. Kelly originally called Porter a man of integrity and honor

Later in the week Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah released a statement, admitting the administration could have done better when it came to handling the Porter crisis better.

The Trump White House has seen a high number of top-ranking firings and resignations including former press secretary Sean Spicer and original chief strategist Stephen Bannon.

The Hill reports that the FBI originally informed the White House of Porter's violent history, but he managed to stay employed at the White House. Porter even managed to work without a security clearance.

While Trump often forces the resignation or firing his former associates, Kelly is not expected to be leaving, as it may cause too much drama. While nobody knows for sure what will happen, Kelly is definitely skating on thin ice, while he continues serving as chief of staff.