The entire generation of meteorologists and storm chasers are in grief, because of the tragic loss of their friend and colleague Joel Taylor. The renowned Storm Chaser who was born in Elk City, Oklahoma died recently at the age of 38. He studied meteorology at the University of Oklahoma, where he eventually met his best friend and storm chasing partner Reed Timmer. A report by The Sun provided most of the information used in this article.

In 2017, Taylor and Timmer chased tornadoes for the documentary “Tornado Glory.” In 2008, he joined the reality series known as "Storm Chasers," which was filmed each year in Tornado Alley.

The TV storm chaser was well-known for his appearance on the Discovery TV series. He served as a meteorologist and at the same time a driver, and was often accompanied by his friend Timmer. Together, they chased many intense storms. He worked on the show until it was canceled in 2012.

The cause of his death remains unclear

The news of Taylor’s sudden death spread like wildfire in the storm chasing community. Although the cause of his mysterious death is not yet known, medical professionals are working tirelessly to determine the cause. It might take a while before they have those answers but definitely, it will be relayed to his family once it is found. According to a local report, his death is not believed to be related to storm chasing.

Taylor’s death prompted many tributes

Several of his colleagues and friends shared the sad news on social media commemorating the late meteorologist.They expressed their condolences and also sent their thoughts and prayers to his family. His best friend and co-star, Reed Timmer, was the first to announce Taylor’s death on Tuesday night (Jan.

23). He posted a series of touching messages on Twitter alongside several photos of the pair. He tweeted that he was shocked and devastated by the loss of his friend. Also, he shared how they chased many intense storms together, and how he wished they could have one more storm to chase.

Team Western OK Chaser, a storm chasing community in Oklahoma, also expressed their condolences.

The group posted a remembrance of Taylor on Facebook. According to the team, he was an inspiration and one of the most level-headed chasers on the roads. They also testified that he was a classy guy who chased storms, not for glory, but because he enjoyed doing that. Others also took to Twitter to share memories of Taylor. They tweeted about his death, expressing how shocked, sad, and heartbroken they were. A lot of people remembered him fondly as an incredible meteorologist and the driver of Dominator. His death touched the hearts of many, and everyone is hopeful that the cause of his mysterious death will soon be known.