Over the last week, the biggest story in the news has been Donald Trump's reported comments about several foreign countries being a "sh*thole." After sending out several tweets on the matter, Trump spoke out to the media.

Trump on racism

From the day he announced his campaign for president over two and a half years ago, Donald Trump has faced allegations of racism. Whether it's his remarks about illegal immigrants from Mexico, to his stance on radical Islam, or his polices that have a reported negative impact on minority groups in America, the former host of "The Apprentice" has been branded a "racist" by his critics and many in the mainstream media.

Fast forward to present day and Trump is now dealing with the backlash to comments he allegedly made while speaking to lawmakers about Illegal Immigration. When asked his stance on protection for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and several African countries, Trump reportedly dismissed the idea, while referring to those nations as a "sh*thole." It took Trump nearly a full day to respond, which he did on Twitter and denied the allegations despite multiple members of Congress saying otherwise. As reported by ABC News on January 14, Trump has decided to speak out further.

While arriving for dinner at one of his golf clubs in Florida alongside California Republican Rep.

Kevin McCarthy, Donald Trump was pressed on whether or not he was a "racist" due to the backlash over his "sh*thole" remark. "I am not a racist," Trump told reporters.

"I am the least racist person you have ever interviewed," Donald Trump went on to say, before adding, "That I can tell you." Trump then decided to blame Democrats for not getting a deal done on immigration, saying "they don't want security at the border.

People are pouring in."

Instant reaction

In response to Donald Trump's remarks, critics made sure to hit back on Twitter. "Highly doubt that. Now if he had said I am the biggest liar you will ever interview most would go with that," one tweet read.

"If you actually have to say the words 'I’m the least racist person'....

you’re obviously a racist," a Twitter user added. "He says people are pouring over border in record numbers yet he will say another time, border security has never been better. Which is it? Billions of dollars needed for wall. Important to know," another tweet wondered.

"We beg to differ.

Signed, the Central Park 5, Muslims, Mexicans, Nigerians, Haitians, anybody from Africa," a follow-up tweet stated. "We deserve so much more than Archie Bunker as a phony Billionaire! He probably believes he is not racist but actions speak louder than words!" an additional tweet noted.