In the ongoing obsession regarding creating a border wall between the southern US States and Mexico, the trump administration is now seeking to expand its authority. In order to acquire new land near the southern border, upon which the wall will be built, the administration is willing to violate civil liberties, and endanger the environment, according to activists.

Wants Americans to pay $18 billion for wall

An agency within the Department of Homeland Security has submitted a budget proposal, a request for $33 billion paid out over the next decade, for Border Security.

This includes $18 billion which will be used to create the nearly 1,000-mile wall along the Mexican Border.

The proposed wall was a campaign promise by President Trump, which he insisted would be paid for by the Mexican people. Apparently, he is still dedicated to creating the wall but has now decided that the American people can pay for it.

Given that Homeland Security is already exempt from many federal regulations which would limit their ability to build fences and access roads, it is unclear why they feel the need for the additional changes to their current policies.

In the budget proposal, they have indicated only that the policy changes will expand and clarify Homeland Security’s Secretary’s ability to waive laws in order to get the wall built. The proposal is also asking Congress' permission to no longer have to work with other agencies within the federal government, like the National Park Service, to use lands for the purposes of security.

The proposal also includes a call for the department's authority to be broadened in order to allow them to acquire land more quickly. They indicated that the current system might hamper or delay border security activities.

Proposal is unrealistic

Democrats feel that the proposal is unrealistic. Civil Rights and Environmental Groups feel that the proposal is completely outrageous.

They point to the fact that currently, Homeland Security already enjoys extremely generous amounts of authority. They can already waive many National Protection and Preservation Acts.

Given their current broad authority, it is a wonder why they feel the need to expand their authority even further. Civil Rights Groups feel that this should be considered a cause for concern.

Wildlife, Endangered Species, not to mention the Civil Liberties of communities near the border could all be violated according to Environmental Groups. It seems that the Trump Administration will stop at nothing in order to produce this wall.

Previous Homeland Security Secretary's have been able to work within their current authority in order to create border barriers.

Even this Administration was able to build the prototype border walls, roads, and fencing in the San Diego area without needing additional policy changes.

It is not known why the current administration cannot work within the boundaries of their existing authority.