Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) accused President Donald Trump of allegedly stating that many immigrants are coming from “sh--hole nations," namely Africa, during immigration negotiations on Thursday (Jan. 11), first reported by The Washington Post. Now comes a claim that Durbin may not be telling the truth, according to conservative news site the Daily Wire.

Durbin complained to news reporters that President Trump’s immigration comment was racist and hate-filled and that the most discouraging thing to him was that those words were stated in the Oval Office of all places.

However, it now appears that Dick Durbin could have a problem with making up and/or twisting comments from GOP officials in previous White House discussions.

Politico’s 2013 news report

The Daily Wire found an October 2013 news story on Politico where Tal Kopan (Politico) reported that Durbin posted on his Facebook page that a GOP House member had told former President Obama during a negotiation White House meeting that he “could not stand to look at the president.”

After news broke of the alleged statement by the GOP house member, the Obama White House and the House Speaker’s office both stated that no such comment was said and that they deny Sen. Durbin’s version of the meeting. Obama’s press secretary, Jay Carney was asked the same question of whether or not such a “statement” was said to Obama, and Carney replied that he spoke to someone who was at that meeting and clearly, it did not happen.

Politico at the time reached out to Durbin’s office and his office had no comment and refused to offer any further details of the Obama meeting.

Spokesperson of then-House Speaker, Republican John Boehner stated that Democratic Sen. Durbin’s allegation is a significant one and it seems he made up that “event” out of the blue.

Senator Durbin should divulge who conveyed to him this account of events and to withdraw his thoughtless accusation immediately, and to also express regret for such a posting, Boehner’s spokesperson said.

President Trump’s response

On Friday (Jan. 12), Trump renounced the claims by Durbin with a Tweet that said, “The language used by me at the “DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) meeting” was strong, but this was not the language I used.

What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made, a “big setback” for DACA!"

The alleged comment by President Trump has led Democrats and the liberal media to cry-foul, calling the president a racist and a bigot. Since President Trump was elected in November 2016, he has made many statements that have made the news.