Former Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has turned to voters seeking financial help to battle accusations of sexual misconduct levied against him by a female accuser. The Moore campaign sent a fundraising request to supporters last week seeking donations to help the former Senate candidate pay legal bills related to a suit filed by Leigh Corfman, the woman accusing him of sexual misconduct when she was a teenager. In the email, Moore claims that the recently concluded Senate campaigns – in which he lost to Democrat Doug Jones – left him in financial ruin and that he needs up to $250,000 for legal fees.

A plethora of accusations

While Corfman is the only accuser so far to file a lawsuit against the disgraced politician, several women have come out with claims of sexual misconduct against him. Most of the claims date back more than 30 years.

Corfman claims that she was sexually assaulted by Moore when she was merely a teenager and while Roy Moore was in his early 30s. She claims that in 1979, she had an unpleasant encounter with the accused when he approached her outside of her mother's custody hearing. When she met with him in private later on, Moore allegedly undressed her and himself, and forced her to touch his underwear. The victim was only 14-years-old at the time of the alleged incident.

Corfman's lawsuit came after Moore lost to Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate election last December.

No stranger to controversy

Roy Moore is no stranger to controversy. Long before the 2017 Alabama Senate campaigns and the subsequent sexual allegations, Moore courted controversy through his political and religious views.

He has championed far-right political views throughout his career, but it is his contentious religiosity that has attracted the most controversy. He has also shared some eye-raising views on race and slavery in the past.

During the 2017 Alabama Senate campaigns, up to nine women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against the former judge, most of which allegedly occurred during the early years of his career.

Rather than quit, as many people demanded, Moore charged ahead with his campaign, even enjoying the controversial endorsement of President Donald Trump.

Now, after losing the election, Mr. Moore is back in the fighting spirit, this time seeking his supporters' hand in the form of donations to help put this latest controversial episode to rest.