After the Washington Post released a bombshell report revealing insulting and degrading remarks made by Donald Trump about several foreign countries, backlash quickly followed. In response, one host on MSNBC couldn't hold back.

MSNBC on Trump

It's less than two weeks into 2018 and already Donald Trump has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons and on more than one occasion. The latest highlight, or low-light depending on one's point of view, involved the issue of immigration reform. The former host of "The Apprentice" has made it more than clear that he is not a fan of illegal immigration, which he pushed as one of his top talking points throughout his campaign for president and during his first year in office.

After passing his controversial tax reform bill, Trump set his sights on immigration reform, an issue that has long been stuck in the halls of Congress as Republicans and Democrats have not been able to find a compromise. On Thursday, lawmakers met with the president to discuss a possible way forward, but when the issue of allowing protections for immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, and other African countries came up, Trump lashed out and labeled them "sh*thole" nations. The media quickly piled on the president once the story broke, including MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace during the January 11 edition of "Deadline: White House."

During the Thursday broadcast of "Deadline: White House," host Nicolle Wallace couldn't contain her anger and frustration at the president and the entire administration.

"Lets not pretend. This is so abnormal" Wallace said, before adding, "This is a freak show!"

"Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you disgraced the White House for what you did to Hallie Jackson," Nicolle Wallace said, referring to the insulting remarks made by the press secretary to fellow MSNBC host Jackson earlier in the day. "But Donald Trump disgraced the country," she added in regards to the president's "sh*thole" remarks.

On the panel was guest Eddie S. Glaude Jr., an African-American, who ripped into Donald Trump's racially charged remarks, claiming that the president only addressed the issue of allowing increased immigration from Norway due to the high population of whites.

"I honestly believe that this man doesn't believe that I belong here, no less the folks in Haiti and Africa. There's a reason why he contrasts those countries with Norway," Glaude Jr. said.

Moving forward

As many continue to speak out and express their disdain and anger over Donald Trump and his "sh*thole" remarks, the White House refused to deny the report and only came to the president's defense. As of press time, Trump has not offered his own rebuttal.