Former Senator Bob Dole was awarded by Congress the Congressional Gold Medal. He received this award in recognition of his public service as a soldier, legislator, and statesman. In the presence of President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and several leaders of the Senate and House, he was awarded the medal.

Bob Dole a leader in Congress

According to ABC News, House Speaker Paul Ryan praised him for his lengthy service to the country and said that he never stopped fighting for those who are fighting for our country. He said he was honored to accept this award.

His wife, former Senator Elizabeth Dole read a statement prepared by him, which emphasized the need for compromise.

He also praised the men and women who are buried at Arlington Cemetery who sacrificed their lives to defend America. Pres. Trump said that he embodied loyalty, integrity, hard work, faith and family.

The Congressional Gold Medal has been awarded to a wide range of Americans from George Washington to Rosa Parks to Frank Sinatra. Bob Dole was in office for 35 years, the majority of that time spent as a Senator.

Sen. Dole held the post of Senate Republican Leader for a record 11 years. He retired in 1996 to run for president with Jack Kemp as his vice-presidential running mate.

Sen. Dole was instrumental in the 1990s shutdown negotiations, which led to a string of bipartisan deals on several key issues at the time including welfare, budget and minimum wage increase.

After Dole’s involvement to end the government shutdown, it was 18 years later that the government was shut down.

Dole’s life made him a legendary American in Congress. Bob Dole joined the Army in 1942, with the 10th Mountain Division in Europe. He was seriously injured during a 1945 battle in Italy, by German gun fire. Dole then lost the use of his right hand and was able to learn to use his left hand.

Senator Bob Dole also ran for president in 1980, but failed to earn the presidential nomination. Instead, Dole became the Financial Committee chairman and then became Senate Majority Leader in 1985. Dole is best known for his overhaul of the tax code. Sen. Dole faced off against Democrats over President George H.W. Bush’s tax plan, forcing him to raise taxes. In the summer of 1990, Sen. Dole, with the help of Democrats, passed the Americans with Disabilities Act.

21 years ago, President Bill Clinton awarded him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. During the 2016 campaign, Sen. Bob Dole was the only Senator who showed up at the Republican National Convention to support Trump. The decision to award Sen. Dole the medal was approved by Congress last September.