Writing with reality/comedy website, Cracked, Luis Prada recently featured adviser to President Donald Trump, Roger Stone, and his colorful past. Stone has been in the headlines on and off throughout his political career; he was an adviser to former President Richard Nixon. Blasting News has previously featured Roger Stone and Alex Jones crashing a live set of online newscasters "The Young Turks" at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Cenk Uygur, with "TYT," has described President Donald Trump as a "full-blown idiot" for listening to the rhetoric broadcast by Alex Jones, and InfoWars.

Mr. Prada described Roger Stone participating in a race for "maximum trash," which he appears to be winning with less money that some of his competitors. The Cracked writer described Mr. Stone working for decades, as a "behind-the-scenes member of the Republican Party." Stating that he is a "fancy man," Prada called attention to Roger Stone's "vast" tie collection," and "hundreds of custom Italian suits." The comedian contrasted Stone's elegant exterior with his soul, which he described as that of a wanted criminal, fleeing from the police, with his only slip up being the clink of his "meth pipe jingling against his crack pipe," giving away his hiding spot.

Former Nixon adviser has president's face tattooed on his back

Roger Stone really does have Richard Nixon's face tattooed on his back. He is also reported to really use the pick-up line "You'll never meet another man with a d*** in the front and a d*** in the back." Prada wrote about the sounds of "dry heaves from the countless women" Stone had used the line on through his life.

Adding to Roger Stone's charm is that he was fired from the campaign of 1996 Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole, after it was found that he and his wife had taken out an ad in a swingers magazine seeking "similar couples or exceptional muscular... single men."

The Republican strategist is also known for attending sex clubs, with his visit to a Miami, Florida establishment being responsible for the publication of revelations about then-New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's marital infidelity, and solicitation of prostitutes.

Roger Stone is said to have learned about Spitzer's wild side by speaking with an "off-duty prostitute."

Said that Megyn Kelly has a 'nice set of cans'

The 64-year-old lobbyist and consultant has called women on Twitter "fat ugly b****," as well as apparently confirming that he had "personal contact" with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, which Mr. Prada described as "incriminating himself," and tying him to "the tangled web of Russia's alleged interference" in the 2016 elections. Among Roger Stone's extensive collection of public gaffes, the conservative has stated that NBC News' Megyn Kelly has a "nice set of cans," and tweeted that Jill Abramson, an editor with The New York Times, should "DIE B****."