Year after year, college football fans look forward to supporting their school. Students and alumni come together to form an ever-faithful fanbase, hoping that their team will be able to perform as well as possible. For those schools in the top tier of football play, they have a chance at making the College Football Playoffs. The playoffs start with the top four ranked teams in the nation, which soon gets narrowed down to two. These top two teams compete for the highly-coveted NCAA National Championship. While this event consistently receives a lot of attention, this year's game was especially looked forward to.

January 8 - A night of football, music, and, of course, politics

The 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship was one to remember. The ever-consistent Alabama Crimson Tide faced off against the Georgia Bulldogs who were seeking their first national championship in 38 years. The Crimson Tide amassed a huge comeback in the second half and rode that momentum into an overtime win against the Georgia Bulldogs, who celebrated a similar win of their own one week prior. Tears of joy and sadness abounded, but the game wasn't the only exciting thing to happen that night.

The highly-anticipated halftime show

While the game itself was exhilarating, there were several moments throughout the broadcast that were headline-worthy.

Music fans and football fans alike were looking forward to the halftime performance of Kendrick Lamar, arguably the biggest name in the rap game today. However, one man, in particular, was not looking forward to this performance.

In fact, President Donald Trump decided to skip the performance altogether, according to a report by CNN.

Before kickoff, Donald Trump was booed while walking across the field at Mercedez-Benz Stadium, as fans voiced their disdain for the POTUS. Chances are, among those booing was Kendrick Lamar, who constantly ripped on Trump throughout his critically-acclaimed 2017 album “DAMN.”

It’s no surprise that Trump skipped this performance, as it is well-known that he has not dealt with criticism well in the past.

Twitter users flocked to their phones and computers to mock the president throughout the entirety of the game, as they have many times in the past. While Kendrick Lamar did not perform any of his songs that directly criticize Trump, he did perform songs such as “DNA” and “Element,” which celebrate his black heritage and upbringing. Lamar is known for his poetic lyrics which he delivers eloquently, yet firmly. He has been an outspoken opponent of Trump and FOX News, and many fans who shared his devastation over the election have been able to deeply connect to his music, giving them some consolation. While the event of Trump walking out at the halftime show probably didn't shock many, it did provide a small victory for opponents of Trump, and Lamar himself.

Throughout his career, Lamar has never been afraid to give his point a view and advocate for what he thinks is right. A master of his craft, Lamar is reaching bigger and bigger audiences, as he provides a point of hope for many who disagree with the president.

Listen to Kendrick Lamar's powerful track "DNA" below.