President Donald Trump does not have a bigger button to push to launch a Nuclear Strike. In fact, he doesn't have a nuclear button at all. Many people are talking about the threatening tweet sent on Tuesday night about the president having a much bigger and more powerful nuclear button than North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The comment reminded people of what is heard during recess on the playground at elementary schools.

No button big or small

Those who know how the government works know there is a protocol for a nuclear launch.

Even so, it was disturbing to know that the leader of the United States would send that particular tweet. Trump and Kim have been engaging in word wars for a long time.

The president should be careful because his tweets are official statements that represent the White House. However, this particular tweet is not sitting well with the White House or the Department of Justice. Even though the nuclear button is not true, there could come a time in the future when one of Trump's late-night tweets just might be true and will put the entire country in danger. The bottom line is that the "bigger button" tweet is not presidential.

Speaking of buttons on desks, President Trump does have a red button on his desk but it is used only to summon the White House steward to bring him a Coca-Cola when he desires one.

By no means does he have a button to launch a nuclear strike.

The procedure for a nuclear war

The procedure for a nuclear war is not left up to only the president, even though he would like to think so. Something that important is not in the hands of one person. A procedure must be followed, and it does not include President Donald Trump being able to launch a nuclear strike on his own with the push of a button.

Hopefully, it is the same protocol for North Korea.

One of the most experienced experts about United States nuclear protocol is Garrett Graff who confirms what most people already know. Trump cannot be the lone man to press a button to launch a nuclear strike. Graff clearly explained it by saying there must be a chain of telephone calls that involve the president and the Pentagon to the launch commanders.

Options for a launch must be reviewed before a decision is made. Therefore, President Donald Trump will not be able to prove to Kim Jong-un how big his button because there isn't one.

Trump's tweets

In the past, White House officials have indicated that they do not review any of the president's tweets before they are sent. Last December, the New York Times reported that Trump often tweets while watching cable news late at night. People can see the time of his tweets and some of them are sent at all times during the night. The time stamped on the one sent about his big button was sent early on Tuesday night at 7:49 PM.