After the results of Donald Trump's physical were announced, many questioned whether or not the information that was given was accurate. After a full day of criticism from the media, the president has decided to speak out.

Trump's health

In the two and a half years that Donald Trump has been a politician, he's often touted himself as being the "smartest" and "best" choice to lead the nation. Whether it's bragging about his business history or gloating about what he's done during his first year in office, it's clear the former host of "The Apprentice" has a large ego.

Despite this, Trump's health, both mental and physical, has been a topic of discussion. During the 2016 election, Trump's controversial policy proposals, and reckless behavior on the campaign trail and on social media raised red flags, leading to the billionaire real estate mogul to release the results of a physical during the broadcast of "The Dr. Oz Show." Fast forward to present day and Trump has once again come under fire due to his decision making and the revelations that were made in the recently released book "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" by author Michael Flynn. On Tuesday, White House Physician Ronny Jackson revealed that Trump's most recent exam went well, though he did recommend that the president go on a diet and start exercising to drop from his current weight of 239 lbs.

According to The Hill on January 17, the president has given his first offical reaction.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump spoke to Reuters for close to an hour about a wide-range of topics, including the current situation between the United States and North Korea.

As he has in the past, Trump deflected blame away from his own administration and took shots at both Barack Obama and George W. Bush for allegedly not getting enough done to calm the tension between both sides. At this point, Trump then complimented himself for doing well on his physical.

“I guess they all realized they were going to have to leave it to a president that scored the highest on tests," Donald Trump said in regards to Dr.

Ronny Jackson revealing that the president scored a perfect 30/30 on his cognitive test.

Twitter responds

After Donald Trump's comments were made public, critics on Twitter lashed out. "I took the same test BEFORE my morning coffee and had a perfect score," one tweet read.

"He is once again embarrassing himself by proving his stupidity by bragging about his intelligence," one Twitter user added.

"And now that he is 6'3, trump will now claim he can dunk a basketball," a tweet stated. "If you believe that I've got some swampland in Florida I'd like to sell," a follow-up tweet noted.

"It's beyond #sad that @realDonaldTrump, at 71, is still trying to get his parents approval.

He wants the gold star sticker and his test put on the fridge," yet another tweet read. "Here's a cognitive test question: 'Mr President, is that a picture of a giraffe or an elephant?' Give me a break. He needs a full psychological exam," an additional tweet stated.