Ever since Donald Trump started his political career, he's faced allegations of being bad for women. After speaking at a women's conference in Washingtonian, D.C., Trump made strong claims about his record on women's issues.

Trump on women

For the better part of the last two and a half years, Donald Trump has said, "I love women." The former host of "The Apprentice" has long claimed that he would be the best president in the history of the country for minorities, including dealing with women's rights and issues. Despite this, Trump has not found support with women, as he lost the majority of the voting bloc against Hillary Clinton despite pulling off the upset win.

In the last year that he's been in office, Trump has continued to come under fire from women's rights organizations due to his stance on several issues, with other pointing to the history of sexual assault and harassment allegations against him. To kick off the new year, Trump attended the "Women of America" event in Washington, D.C. and took time to gloat about his accomplishments that he says have helped women and others over the last 12 months. As reported by CBS News, Trump didn't hold back.

Speaking to a group of women on Tuesday, Donald Trump appeared pleased with the work he's done as commander in chief.

"Women represent half of the population, but they care about 100 percent of the issues that face the nation," Trump said, before gloating about having helped bring more women into the workforce.

"More women in the workforce today than ever before, that's really terrific," Donald Trump went on to say.

"Especially since it's on my watch, I feel very proud of that," he added. "We've enacted massive tax cuts, you've seen what's happening, I have to tell you it far surpassed our expectations," Trump noted, before making sure to say, "One of the important things we're doing is...doubling the child tax credit."

Twitter reacts

After Donald Trump took credit for allegedly helping women in the country, his remarks didn't go over well on social media.

"He'll take credit for ANYTHING, whether there is a connection or not. You must balance these statements with actual facts," one tweet read.

"Like he had anything to do with it!!" one Twitter user wrote. "Yeah he'll take credit for the 100 yrs women has fought for it.

No bigger j*rk has ever lived," an additional tweet added.

"Spends almost no time on women and continues with repeated misleading boasting about the economy, lies about his opponents, and like the White House in general - shows policy and needs of the American public take a back seat to boosting his image," yet another tweet stated. "How many women in his admn? More than in any admn in history, right? I think not, are they afraid of being grabbed by the g*nitals since it’s on his watch?" a Twitter user wrote.