I am becoming a Trevor Noah fan. My wife gave me a copy of his incredible collection of biographical essays "Born a Crime" and I cannot put it down. In fact, I will be sorry when I finish it. It is that good. I don't have a TV but I subscribe to his Daily Show. I am blown away by his online popularity.. Typically, viewers of his videos exceed 3 million. I am rarely a fan of anyone. It is against my religion. But Noah grabs me and it is not because he is perfect. It is because he is honest.

Noah's early days

And what a life he has led. Everybody has a life that no one knows much about because we are a self-preoccupied lot.

Many lives beg to be told. Among the wonderful things in Trevor's book are his pictures of his wonderful mom and his dad.

Trevor's mom and dad were complete opposites, she vibrant and outgoing, aggressive and openly willing to stand up for her Bible-based beliefs, he retiring, private, yet willing to follow his son's wonderful early career as it developed in .post-apartheid South Africa. Trevor was born a crime quite literally. His mom was a black native, his dad a Swiss immigrant. That made Trevor a colored outsider who somehow managed to thrive, whether in the virtual dungeon of Soweto or the more habitable suburban areas around Johannesburg.

One of my favorite things about Noah is his universal vision.

He simply seems unable to differentiate between anything and anybody. He takes it all in and casts no stones. Oh, maybe some at Trump, but he has to earn a living on Comedy Central. For the most part Trevor is more than willing to accept opposition even when it is rude. He answers politely and reasonably,

What future for Trevor?

At age 33, Trevor has a broad future.

It is hard to imagine a platform more important now than his at Comedy Central. He is regularly thanked by his fans for keeping them steady in a time of turbulence. He has a partner, a versatile singer named Jordyn Taylor. Both Noah and Taylor have endured wrenching near-losses and losses at an early age. Trevor's mom was nearly killed by a shot to the head.

Jordyn lost her boyfriend of five years in an automobile accident.

Trevor does not shy away from controversy. Even with a guest like Ben Carson he brings out the best.

From my perspective, the most future anyone has is the next moment. Live for now. It is all we have. It can either be hell or filled with grace. And I think Trevor would agree, as I turn the pages of his excellent reflections in "Born a Crime". At one point he says: "You can only do what you can imagine." That single sentence is worth the price of the book and more.

Why a Nobel for Trevor? Because he is honest, as I said. And because we have too often given a peace prize to those with blood on their hands. Trevor is no angel, but I not expect him to decree death. Conscious killing does not sit right with me.