Former national security adviser, Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to the single count of making multiple false statements to the F.B.I. This is a major development in the probe into the possible collusion between Russia and the Trump 2016 presidential campaigns.

Even though Flynn did not admit actually to collude with Russia during the elections, this information forces the public to look at the Trump administration in a different light. Flynn's plea deal poses a direct threat to the Trump presidency. It also takes Mueller's investigation to another level because Flynn is the first person to have served in the White House as well as the campaign period.

Flynn's plea and Mueller's investigation

In October, the special prosecutor, Robert Muller charged three people in possible criminal acts and connections with Russia. President Trump's campaign manager, Paul Manafort together with Rick Gates, the deputy campaign manager, were both charged with money laundering. Mueller also unsealed a guilty plea from President Trump's former foreign policy advisor, George Papadopoulos.

Flynn's plea deal takes the investigation to another step because he is the best person to shed light on two crucial matters. The first being whether president's Trump campaign team knowingly colluded with Russia in the 2016 presidential elections. The second is whether President Trump obstructed justice trying to derail F.B.I.

Investigation. This plea deal gets Mueller close to getting answers due to Flynn's unique ties to the campaign and the White House.

Flynn's plea and President Trump's administration

After making headlines, Ty Cobb, a lawyer fort he White House, tried to minimize the impact of Flynn's plea deal. However, Flynn's role as the national security adviser made him one of the most influential people in Washington because he had great influence over President Trump's personal and policy choices.

According to The New Yorker, a signed statement describes Flynn's meetings with the Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak as something he was directed to do by a very senior member of the Trump transition team.

Dismissing Flynn as insignificant to President's Trump's administration is wrong. He is the first person who has served in White House since Trump came in the office to admit guilty of wrongdoing.

According to the Politico, an associate dean at Yale Law School says that Flynn holds the key to who knew what and when. This makes him a crucial link to point back contacts with Russia to Trump's inner circle.