Trump is so obsessed with North Korea and Kim Jong-un that he has not realized the gravity of the problem in developing in Afghanistan Ever since Obama ordered the withdrawal of US forces from an active role in Afghanistan and reduced the troop levels to about 10,000, the Taliban has gained in strength and now have had the audacity to attack an Afghan military base in Southern Afghanistan in Kandahar province.The attack resulted in the entire base being completely decimated. Only two soldiers out a strength of 60 survived the attack. This news is reported by CNN.

The attack

The attack commenced at first light on Thursday and showed that the Taliban have refined their tactics. They have formulated a new strategy of attacking the Afghan army and police with captured Humvees, which have been brought into the country by the US forces to help the Afghan army. The captured vehicles were stocked with explosives and used to storm the base. The attack was well planned and executed and the Taliban also videotaped the entire attack with drones fitted with cameras.

The Taliban have used captured Humvees in north Afghanistan also and inflicted heavy casualties on the Afghan army. In case such attacks continue, it's a moot point how long the Afghan army will last in its battle with the Taliban.

Troop surge

Donald Trump and General Mattis have approved a surge in troop strength, but only 3000 additional troops are earmarked to battle the Taliban. This troop strength is not enough to fight in a country the size of Afghanistan. Just before the troop withdrawal, the US had nearly 100000 troops in Afghanistan and the Taliban was not wiped out.

To expect another 3000 troops to do the job looks a little farfetched.

The Taliban have the advantage of terrain and a safe haven in Pakistan and despite Trump lavishing praise recently on Pakistan for its cooperation in rescuing hostages from the custody of the Taliban, the fact is that Pakistan is playing a double game for over 15 years.

Re-focus required

Trump and the US general staff need to re-focus on the battle in Afghanistan. A fresh strategy is needed to fight the Taliban which is slowly gaining the upper hand in the country.CNN has reported that the Taliban controls almost 37% of the Afghan countryside and that is nothing short of alarming.

The US has never gone into battle in Afganistan against the Islamic fighters with full force, ever since Bush launched his invasion. Instead of pushing the Taliban he shifted focus to Iraq and allowed the Taliban to regroup with the help of Pakistan. Trump has his hands full and he will have to decide what next to do in Afghanistan