This week, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Elaine Duke, addressed the House Committee at the Homeland Security hearing on World Wide Threats, according to DHSGov News. She spoke on the new ways the Department of Homeland Security will be handling security information and problems. DHS will focus on a more consolidated, head-on approach, developing a fuller cohesion with intelligence, operations, inter-agency engagement and international action. Acting Secretary Duke noted that because of the increase of soft target attacks, there will be more emphasis put on working with state and local agencies and officials across the United States.

This includes reviewing the who, how, where and what in every security department and the setting up of new standards and closing any security gaps.

Screening is necessary for security

Acting Secretary Duke stated that our biggest and ongoing threat comes from global jihadist groups, our second threat is domestic terror and our third is combating their online propaganda. These threats are coming from every direction and across all borders. For this reason, Homeland Security will be taking a stronger stand on screening those who wish to enter the United States. It is now required that all foreign governments release critical data on any known terrorists and criminals. As required by President Trumps Executive Order 13780, all foreign governments have been notified.

Those that fail to meet the new requirements will face restrictions on travel and/or other limitations.

New age, new threats

Sec. Duke noted that she has recommended that tougher controls must be put in place, along with strict adaptable restrictions against countries that pose a risk or do not comply with our regulation. This is a new age and our country faces menacing threats every day by international and domestic terrorists.

These threats do not only ascend on us from land, air, and sea but are also invading the internet with propaganda, recruitment and encouraging the 'do-it-yourself' type of terrorism. DHS will continue working with communities and emphasize the importance of reporting suspicious activities.

Legislation, funding and unity

Acting Secretary Elaine Duke addressed the need for legislative assistance in obtaining funding to implement counter-terrorism improvements.

In this new age, there are new security threats that must be faced, such as threats from unmanned air-crafts, like drones. DHS is looking forward to the passage of legislation that will give DHS additional authority to join with the National Airspace System to help counter unmanned aircraft. She spoke on how the time has come for multi-agencies to work together in a more unified way to address all threats facing the United States.