Earlier this year US President Donald Trump introduced a travel ban applicable to people from a few select countries. The intention was to ensure that those who came to America did not pose a security risk. Six countries were identified and these were Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen -- which are predominantly Muslim countries. However, the ban faced legal hurdles and is scheduled for a Supreme Court hearing next month.

The Trump administration now plans to have a new travel ban which will replace the earlier version. This has been indicated by White House national security adviser H.R.

McMaster and the reason is believed to be the terrorist attack in which a bomb went off and injured 30 passengers at a London underground train station.

Need for a review of the travel ban

CNN reports that the terrorist attack in London has highlighted the need to review the existing travel ban to ensure that it will provide adequate protection to Americans. H.R. McMaster, while interacting with a section of the media, has said that checks at the entry point will help to maintain control over people who are arriving.

President Donald Trump had reacted to the London attack by calling for a travel ban that would be more comprehensive in all respects. He also mentioned about introducing measures to deny internet access to terror outfits that usually follow this route to recruit people.

McMaster elaborated on Trump’s observations and said that terrorist organizations use the internet to carry out their nefarious activities and communicate with others across the world. They travel to complete their missions and transport people, money and weapons apart from drugs and other illicit goods. Hence it is necessary to block such activities by restricting their access to the internet.

The probable action plan

Officials of the Trump administration officials have not disclosed the proposed changes to the existing travel ban but there will be changes. Acting Deputy Commissioner Ronald Vitiello of Customs and Border Protection has confirmed that changes are in the offing. The broad plan is to widen the scope of information on potential inbound travelers.

This could include the individual’s interactions with the social media and more intensive checks on his background and activities.

The bottom line is to keep America safe and prevent terrorist attacks. The travel ban of President Donald Trump would be effective to check entry of doubtful characters into the United States but may not be effective for those who go in for lone wolf attacks and might already be present in the country. They could attack from the most unexpected quarters.