After an islamic terrorist attack took place in New York City on Tuesday, the issue of border security and international terrorism once again has dominated the narrative on cable news and in Washington. Following Donald Trump's initial remarks on Twitter, the president elaborate further on the issue while speaking to the press.

Trump on terrorism

Sayfullo Saipov, the 29-year-old native of Uzbekistan, rented a truck from Home Depot and drove it through a crowd of pedestrians in the low Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon. After exiting his vehicle, Saipov was shot by law enforcement before being arrested and taken into custody.

In the aftermath, eight individuals were killed, with over a dozen left injured. Authorities searched the truck and found ISIS-related material in what police have now confirmed was part of a planned Islamic terrorist attack on the city. Saipov is currently in the hospital where he has been reported to have bragged about carrying out the attack. The response came down party lines, with those on the left being more protective of the criticism coming from the right. As for Donald Trump, the president was quick to put focus on the nation's border security and immigration laws, while calling on increased "extreme vetting" and deflecting blame onto Democrats for being too loose with the laws and their "political correctness." As reported by NBC News on November 1, Trump was asked by reporters about the aforementioned attack in New York City, and the president didn't hold back.

After describing Sayfullo Saipov as an "animal," Donald Trump criticized the current laws in regards to the criminal justice system, saying "it's not nice. It's not good." "We have to get much tougher.

We have to get much smarter," Trump said, before adding, "we have to get much less politically correct."

Not stopping there, Donald Trump went on to accuse congressional Democrats of making Americans "too afraid" with their political correctness, especially as it pertains to dealing with radical Islamic terrorism.

"We have to come up with punishment that’s far quicker and far greater than the punishment these animals are getting right now," Trump noted. The former host of "The Apprentice" described the current system as a "joke" and a "laughing stock," while commenting, "no wonder so much of this stuff takes place." When pressed on whether or not he would want to send the suspect to Gitmo, Trump replied, "I would certainly consider that," while also saying the family "certainly" could be a threat.

Twitter reacts

Not long after Donald Trump made his remarks, critics on social media wasted no time firing back. "Boy child . No can we send you," one tweet read.

"Maybe Mueller will send trump there with him in time," another tweet added.

"Can somebody please shut him up once and for all?! He just can't say anything right, can he?" an additional tweet asked.

"EXPEL Trump/GOP for organized CRIMES of climate denial, fossil fuel pollution, racism, misogyny, bigotry, lies, CORRUPTION," yet another tweet stated.

"Good God,this unhinged trump can’t seem to stop congratulating himself & manipulate Americans with empty rhetoric. GitMo? Geez. Embarrassing is," a Twitter user wrote. The backlash continued as it appeared more than obvious that the reaction to the latest terrorist attack would only further the divide in the country.