As Donald Trump winds down on his current foreign trip through Asia, he couldn't help but gloat about the reception he received from other world leaders and nations. After the president praised how he's been treated, critics on social media took time to lash out in return.

Trump in Asia

From the day Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, he's changed the direction of American politics. After initially being viewed as a joke candidate, the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to gain steam during the GOP primary and found a way to be nominated at the Republican National Convention in the summer of 2016.

Just a few months later and Trump pulled off one of the most shocking political upsets in recent history by defeating Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Despite the constant cloud of controversy hanging over his head in regards to the investigation into Russian election interference, Trump has been the President of the United States for the last 10 months. While this has been the case, the majority of the American people don't appear to be thrilled, with the exception of the 35 percent who still stand in his corner with support. Fast forward to present day and Trump is nearing the end of his trip to Asia, where he's made stops in Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, and others, while also taking time to praise Russian Vladimir Putin on Twitter, while also calling North Korean leader Kim Jong-un "short and fat." As reported by The Hill on November 13, Trump made sure to gloat about the so-called "Red Carpet" treatment he received during his trips.

According to a pool report by The Hill on Monday night, Donald Trump spoke to reporters and appeared thrilled with how he was received in the various countries he touched down in.

"We’ve made some very big steps with respect to trade, far bigger than anything you know," Trump said of his trip.

"We very much appreciate it,” Donald Trump stated. "Red carpet like I think probably nobody has ever received," he continued.

"That really is a sense of respect, perhaps for me a little bit, but really for our country," Trump went on to say, before adding, "I'm very proud of that."

Twitter reacts

Not long after Donald Trump spoke about the respect he's received on his trip to Asia, those who oppose the commander in chief made sure to give their thoughts on the matter. "Republicans elected Marie Antoinette as the 45th president,"one tweet added.

"I've never heard a president speak in a juvenile manner like this guy does.

He's a freaking moron," an additional tweet noted. "They are great red carpets, very, very great. They are the greatest. Almost as great as the oceans, very, very big oceans. Just great," one sarcastic post read.

"Yes, Trump, everyone knows how to manipulate you now," an additional tweet pointed out.

"The malignant narcissist with dementia got played, as we knew he would," a social media user wrote. As the backlash continued, critics of Donald Trump once again showed their clear opposition to the president.