Amid perilous claims by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un that his nation is nearly done with nuclear testing that will allow the rogue nation to wage a nuclear attack against "any part" of the United States, President-elect Donald Trump stated emphatically in a tweet, that "It won't happen," (, 1/3/2017). Although Trump did not specify exactly how he will be able to prevent North Korea from completing its nuclear tests and posing a threat to the United States, he expressed undeniable confidence that Jong-un would not be successful in his efforts to spread fear and terror throughout the world.

The Korean War and its aftermath

In the early 1950's, both Presidents Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower presided over America's Korean War effort. In that war, which was dubbed a "police action" by both presidents, South Korea was defending itself from North Korea, a Communist nation, after it was invaded by North Korea in June of 1950. China supported North Korea in the war effort after the Soviet Union liberated Korea from Japanese control in 1945. In 1948, Korea was divided into two nations, North and South Korea. The "hot war" lasted three years and ended in July of 1953.

The two nations are still "technically" at war. No peace treaty ever has been signed and occasional clashes between the two nations do flare up.

Jong-un, who took over as dictator of North Korea after the death of his father, Kim Jong-il, has been threatening to create nuclear missiles that are capable of reaching "any part" of the United States.

Trump's 'head on' response to Jong-Un

Trump has taken a decidedly "head on" approach to Jong-Un's nuclear testing and threats against the United States.

The President-elect, who has hinted recently that he may reverse President Barack Obama's sanctions against Russia for its involvement in the hacking of DNC (Democratic National Committee) emails during the 2016 Presidential election, answered Jong-un's nuclear threat by tweeting: "It won't happen," (, 1/3/17).

John McCain's support of NATO

Meanwhile, veteran Senator John McCain, (R, Ariz.), has promised that the United States will unquestionably support NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the Baltic States that currently are being threatened and overrun by Vladimir Putin and the Russians. Trump has offered to support only those Baltic States that are current in their dues payments to NATO.