Over the last week, the sexual misconduct scandal surrounding Republican senate candidate in Alabama, Roy Moore, has dominated the headlines. After Donald Trump gave his thoughts, Kellyanne Conway was there to defend the president.

Conway on Moore

After Donald Trump nominated Jeff Sessions to serve as the new Attorney General, his seat representing Alabama in the United States Senate was left vacant. In return, a special election was set up to fill the vacancy with a vote scheduled for next month. In the Democratic primary, former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones won the nomination, with Roy Moore defeating Luther Stranger, who was endorsed by Donald Trump, picking up the win on the Republican side.

With Alabama being a traditionally red state, Moore appeared to be the odds on favorite to keep the seat for Republicans, but that all changed with a report in the Washington Post earlier this week. According to the paper, Moore has been accused by at last four women who claim he attempted to engage in sexual activity with them when they were underage. One accuser details an incident from as far back as 1979, revealing that she was only 14-years-old at the time, with Moore being 32. As expected, Moore has denied any wrongdoing, accusing the "liberal media" of taking part in a smear campaign against him. When asked to comment, Trump attempted to deflect from the issue, saying that Moore should step down if the allegations are true, but warned that people shouldn't rush to judgement.

These issues and more were discussed during the November 12 edition of "The Week" on ABC.

Joining guest host Martha Raddatz for the Sunday morning edition of "This Week," Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway did her best defend Donald Trump's reaction to the Roy Moore scandal.

"I will say that the president is not as focused on this as he is his major 13-day trip abroad,” Conway pointed out, before adding, "He made a statement, he’s sticking by that statement."

"He's not being briefed on this bit by bit," Kellyanne Conway went on to say about Donald Trump, explaining that the president is "very focused on global cooperation on a denuclearized North Korea." When asked if she personally believed the allegations against Roy Moore were true, Conway said she only "knows what I read," before doubling down on similar comments made by Trump.

"I also want to make sure that we as a nation that we are not prosecuting people through the press," Conway said.

Twitter reacts

Not long after Kellyanne Conway's interview with ABC, critics of the administration decided to speak out. "She lies as much as her boss," one tweet read.

"Why are news outlets putting paid liar Kellyanne Conway on the air?" another tweet asked, before adding, "She lies, over & over again.

She has ZERO credibility, like everyone else in Trump world." "She’s a liar. Quit giving her airtime," another Twitter user added. "Kellyanne Conway says Roy Moore & any others should 'step aside b/c we can do better' but clearly her logic doesn’t stop her from supporting Trump!" yet another tweet noted.


How itty-bitty does it have to be to hear, '...with mother's consent' I HAD RELATIONSHIPS WITH MINORS?" an additional tweet stated. As the backlash continued, it highlighted how the political left would not be letting Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, or Roy Moore off the hook anytime soon.