Elon Musk received an approval of sorts from the US federal government to build a high-speed tunnel between New York and Washington. That was in July 2017. It is believed to have been a verbal approval after talks with the Mayor of Los Angeles. The proposed tunnel network would allow cars, bikes, and pedestrians to move faster.

Elon Musk is a visionary and an entrepreneur. He has set up The Boring Company to undertake the work associated with the tunnel and has already set the ball rolling. He always has an eye for long-term projects that will benefit mankind in the long run, and this tunnel is one of those.

The shape of things to come

New Atlas reports that the high-speed tunnel is at present 500 ft long. It is expected to be extended to around 2 miles within three or four months. Subsequently, by the end of the year, the tunnel under Los Angeles would cover a much longer stretch.

Elon Musk has said that conventional tunnel boring machines are slow. He is confident that his company intends to close the gap through many innovative measures. Elaborating on his concept of the tunnel, which would function as a fast freeway, he has revealed that there would be on and off ramps at regular intervals. There would also be special features introduced to allow for high-speed travel.

The future appears to be bright

Traffic congestion has been plaguing Los Angeles for a long time, and Elon Musk has proposed to reduce the burden on the roads by building the high-speed tunnel. Musk has shared a photo of the tunnel on social websites.

It seems he is laying the foundation for something bigger, namely to attain speeds in the range of 600 mph in the tunnel via the concept of Hyperloop.

The Governor of Maryland is believed to have expressed his support for such a configuration.

Elon Musk has his finger in many pies. He is the founder of SpaceX which is playing a major role in space exploration by introducing reusable spaceships. The opportunity came his way when the government reduced the funding of NASA drastically, and it zeroed on SpaceX to continue with its space-related activities.

Musk also wants humans to colonize Mars and is actively involved in the development of electric cars to tackle the menace of CO2 emission. One of his agenda includes controlling the effects of global warming. With such a varied background, it can be assumed that the proposed tunnel beneath Los Angeles will be a blessing for the city.