President Donald J. Trump is scheduled to visit St. Charles on Wednesday, November 29. According to River Front Times, Trump will be pushing for passage of the tax reform plan currently being debated in D.C. The details regarding his appearance are not confirmed yet. It is worth noting that it is Trump's maiden visit to St. Charles after being elected president, even though he visited Springfield in August. Before his visit, here are the details of the most memorable rally by Trump in 2017.

Remembering Donald Trump most famous rally in 2017

On the eve of hundred days since Donald Trump was officially appointed as the US President, to mark this occasion, he and his administration pulled off a campaign-style rally where he even addressed his supporters in Pennsylvania.

He prepared a speech, most of which was used to criticise the media that constantly attacked his image.

According to a report published by Reuters, the campaign-style rally took place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at just about the same time as the official White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Donald Trump obviously chose to ditch the latter for this event. The campaign-style rally was attended by many of Trump’s representatives and followers as well as supporters.

Trump's attack on media

As per another report published by The Guardian, Donald Trump left no stones unturned when it came to criticising the media that constantly attacked his image and decisions. He reportedly said, while addressing a crowd in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that he would rather spend his time with those who support him than waste his time at the “very, very boring” dinner that is filled with Hollywood actors and Washington media who do nothing but console each other and take a dig at him, for no reason.

According to CNN, the crowd went into a frenzy of sorts every time US President Donald Trump was heard criticising the media, especially CNN and MSNBC broadcasters. In fact, Donald Trump even called these two media organizations, “fake news” because of their backward-looking, agenda-setting approach towards presenting the news to its viewers.

Donald Trump further went on to lay emphasis on the kind of changes he has brought about in the past 100 days. Donald Trump especially highlighted all those promises that he had made that have been successful. He noted that he is happy to acknowledge the fact that he is making his supporters happy. Stay tuned for more news and updates on politics.