If you are fortunate enough to run into Former President Barack Obama, don't expect him to pose for a selfie with you. The nation's forty-fourth President, whose successor, Donald Trump, is seeking ways to pardon himself, is downright sick and tired of people trying to pose with him. What the founder of the Affordable Health Care Plan finds most objectionable about those who request that he take a selfie with them is the fact that they no longer look him in the eye or shake his hand. Instead, such people are too preoccupied with trying to get that perfect selfie pose with the one-time Illinois Senator turned President, that they forget their manners and fail to acknowledge him as a human being.

President is a person

After all, Obama, as with any current or former President, is a human being. As such, Mr. Obama is entitled to the niceties of politeness, manners, and acknowledgment with a handshake, a greeting and a meeting of the eyeballs, so to speak. It appears that Michelle Obama's husband, who loves to golf at exclusive courses, is tired of feeling like he is being treated as an entity, or an autonomous object, rather than as a real person.

The Paparazzi of ordinary people

Former President Obama's reaction to ordinary citizens who mercilessly impose upon his privacy with requests for selfie poses is very similar to that of celebrities who are flaunted by the Paparazzi. Princess Diana of Wales, who had issues with the Paparazzi of Europe, was killed while her driver drove at dangerously unsafe speeds to get away from the aggressive, photo-seeking scoundrels in the Pont de l'Alma Tunnel in Paris in 1977.

Under the circumstances, it is not difficult to surmise that Mr. Obama also feels the need to avoid self-seeking, "star struck," ordinary citizens who are invading his privacy and that of his wife and family. If you are lucky enough to meet the former President, be courteous, look him in the eye, extend your hand for a handshake.

You will find the spoken and written words to recapture the excitement of that moment without a selfie. And you will be able to create one awesome journal entry.

Trump's problems with GOP Senators

Meanwhile, the current President, Donald Trump, is having his own problems. Mr. Trump is being berated with criticism from fellow Republicans in the United States Senate who are critical of his insulting tweets, his racism and his public outcries against North Korea's despotic leader Kim Jong-un.

Senators John McCain, (R-Ariz.), Ben Sasse, (R-Ne.), and Bob Corker, (R-Tenn.), are among those GOP Senators leading the public admonishments against the President. One of the Senators, Bob Corker, is said to be contemplating a run for the Presidency against Mr. Trump in the GOP primaries in 2020.