Theresa May the British Prime Minister has suddenly to face a crisis. Her plate was full with the ongoing tussle with Brussels on compensation over divorce from the EU. Her government was thrown into a crisis on Wednesday when the Défense Secretary Michael Fallon tendered his resignation after allegations of sexual misconduct became public. Britain is rocked by allegations of sexual impropriety after Weinstein’s escapades were publicised.

Sir Michael Fallon’s resignation was immediately accepted by the prime minister. Fallon had just dealt with a major scandal on board the nuclear submarine HMS Vigilant and had authorized the dismissal of nine seamen, for throwing drug parties while on a visit to the US.

He had also approved the removal from command of two senior officers on grounds of violating a “no touch” rule with a female crew, on board a naval vessel. To his credit, Fallon admitted that he may have fallen below the required level of conduct in public life. He accepted that he had set a poor example for the men and women in the armed forces, reported CNN.


The allegations against the Defense Secretary surfaced when information became public that he had repeatedly touched a journalist’s knee during a dinner. The concerned journalist Hartley-Brewer had alluded to the incident which took place in 2002 without naming the DS, according to the BBC.

The prime minister has not approve of the behavior of Michael Fallon towards Julia Hartley-Brewer in 2002, but she has said that as the case was in the past there was no need for an investigation.

UK rocked

The UK is rocked by allegations of acts of a sexual misdemeanor after the Weinstein scandal broke. A case that was making the headlines is of another senior minister, Damien Green, who reportedly acted inappropriately towards a younger woman and an inquiry has been ordered. The resignation of the Defense Secretary came when the inquiry against Green became public.

This does not appear to be an isolated case, and rumors are floating about a dossier which contains the names of many other senior ministers who showed a lack of discretion in sexual conduct

Micheal Fallon

Sir Michael Fallon had a great parliamentary career that spanned four decades. He was appointed the minister for business and enterprise, and then minister for energy.

He was appointed the minister for Portsmouth in 2014 by David Cameron. In the same year, he succeeded Philip Hammond as Defense Secretary. His political career looks to be over, but it will be interesting to watch and see if he can make a comeback.