In a span of two weeks, Michella Flores has seen more tragedy than most of us may ever experience in a lifetime. Flores was fortunate to escape with her life during the Las Vegas mass shooting, only to lose a place she called home to the California wildfires, in a classic case of double jeopardy.

Flores, a former paramedic and firefighter, and now a flight attendant, thought she had seen it all during her previous job, but nothing could have prepared her for the ordeal she's been through in the past couple of weeks, according to Fox 8 News.

The California resident says the two tragedies have made her appreciate the precious gift of life more and has shaped her perception of how she now views various issues.

Surviving Las Vegas

Flores' flight landed in Las Vegas on the Sunday morning of the shootings, and she was due to leave in yet another flight on Monday, for Boston.

That fateful Sunday evening, she decided to walk to the venue of the country music concert, as she had checked in at Hooters Hotel, which is only a stone's throw away from the Mandalay Bay.

Flores didn't notice the first round of gunfire during Jason Aldean's performance. It was during the second round of the shootings that Flores realized what was happening and all hell broke loose.

She vividly remembers the confusion, chaos and the screams that rent the air. She managed to run up Las Vegas Boulevard, along with other survivors and hid in a nearby casino until authorities declared it was safe to leave.

Back home in California

A week later, Flores was home, and the wildfires had just begun. As she was driving home, the glow of the fire could be seen from a distance. From her firefighting days, she realized that the wind was fanning the flames in the direction of their home, which she shared with her parents.

She asked her parents to pack and prepare to leave and took her dog out for a walk.

As she was out, she listened to a local fire dispatch and overheard firemen mention a road that was just near her home. She called her mum who hysterically informed her that the fire was now in their driveway.

Flores rushed back home, helped in the evacuation of her parents, and assisted the firemen to battle the raging flames.

While Flores and her parents survived the fire unscathed, their home was reduced to ashes together with all their belongings.

Flores told Fox 8 News that the two tragedies happened so fast, that she has not had time to process them, but admits she is lucky to be alive.