In recent days, the war of words between Donald Trump and members of the Republican Party has reached a new low. Despite the drama, the president attempted damage control during one of his morning tweets.

Trump and the GOP

The rift between Donald Trump and the Republican Party started not long after he announced his plan to run for the party's presidential nomination back in June 2015. Trump would go on to mock nearly all of his primary opponents, giving some of them labels like "low energy" Jeb Bush, "Little" Marco Rubio, and "Lyin'" Ted Cruz. Trump even tooka shot at Sen.

John McCain, questioning his time as a POW during the Vietnam War, infamously saying the senator was "not a war hero" because he was captured. Since taking office, Trump and the GOP have often found themselves at odds, especially when it came to repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. Despite vowing to do so on the campaign trail, Obamacare is still the law of the land due to Trump's inability to rally enough Republicans by his side, and then insulting those who opposed his plan. Over the last week, Trump's feud with GOP members of congress has been highlighted by senators Bob Corker and Jeff flake, who both announced they would not seek re-election due to their opposition to the current commander in chief.

Despite trouble brewing on the political right, Trump used his Twitter account on October 26 to claim that everything is going well in the Republican party.

Taking to his Twitter feed on Thursday morning, Donald Trump sent out several tweets, but used one to claim unity between himself and the GOP.

"Do not underestimate the UNITY within the Republican Party!" Trump tweeted. Not long after posting his message, those who oppose the president had a good time pointing out the recent dissension in the ranks.

Twitter reacts

Following Donald Trump's latest tweet about unity with other Republicans, critics of the president hit back.

"Saying there is 'Unity' in the Republican party is like saying there is unity between North and South Korea!" one tweet read.

"Are you kidding me? April Fools' Day isn't for another six months," another tweet added. "Edited* Do not underestimate the SPINELESSNESS within the Republican Party!" an additional tweet noted.

"I will say this: it takes an awful lot of unity to hold the majority in all branches of the judicial system and not get one piece of legislation to go through," yet another Twitter user added. "Do you mean the type of unity when your secretary of state compliments you as a 'moron?' Or when @Jeffflake & @@SenBobCorker talk about you?" one tweet wondered. Despite Donald Trump declaring "unity" between himself and the GOP, it didn't appear that many of his critics took him at his word.