Marvel has been diligent about hiding spoilers these past few years but Mark Ruffalo made an unfortunate error that he should not have. According to Cinema Blend, the “Hulk” actor accidentally live-streamed a portion of “Thor: Ragnarok” on social media. The issue made it to the headlines and from there, Tom Holland started to demand a script from “Avengers: Infinity War” for personal reasons.

The “Spider-Man: Homecoming” actor also joked that because of what happened, Ruffalo is no longer the best Avenger’s secret keeper. Of course, Ruffalo would not let this incident slide instantly.

He and some of his supporters responded to Holland’s petition.

A fan responds to Holland’s request

One Twitter user @cubansholland responded to Spider-Man straight up saying, “No you can’t (have the script). At least he actually is an Avenger.” While his (or her) username does not necessarily side with Holland, one cannot deny that the statement is apparently right. Holland’s titular role is still a newcomer to Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A few months ago, Cinema Blend also reported that the 21-year-old actor was not allowed to read the “Avengers: Infinity War” script. “They don't let me read anything because I'm so bad at keeping secrets,” Holland shared. The only part he knows is Thanos being the main villain, which is also a general knowledge to everyone.

Moreover, it is probably too soon to make such demands even if the Wall-crawler’s recently released film became one of MCU’s total box office powerhouse.

Shots fired at Holland twice when the Hulk backed up @cubansholland’s comments saying that the young actor should not harbor any hard feelings towards the statement.

In the end, Peter Parker, of all people, should know that he must never let the Incredible Hulk get angry.

Social media interaction

Meanwhile, all of these social media interactions does not mean there is a bad blood behind the scenes of Marvel. Holland’s comment about Ruffalo was obviously a genuine humor that showed throughout the thread.

This is all the more reason why fans should get excited about the upcoming Infinity War, or even the Ragnarok film.

On the other hand, fans must expect that Marvel and Disney are taking every precaution possible to keep spoilers on lockdown. “Avengers: Infinity War” is a film that contains set of events derived from Marvel’s decades of movies. This is why it’s no surprise that even Spidey was required to keep his mouth zipped.