More than 4.7 million of the DPRK residents (1.22 million females) wished to join or re-enlist in the Korean military, the USA Today reported. According to North Korean media, the citizens decided to boost solidarity after the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un promised to send "fire" to the US when President Donald Trump said that the US is going to defend itself and destroy the DPRK if necessary.

The real situation in the DPRK army

The DPRK authorities have been pressing the Korean youth to become volunteers for the Korean People’s Army, the Daly Caller reported.

Since childhood, the DPRK residents are taught that the US is an evil enemy, so North Korea has to defend itself from America.

Although the DPRK has claimed about volunteers for the army before, it has difficulties to maintain current forces. Many of the troops are malnourished and even had to steal food from civilians. Their equipment, weapons, and artillery are more likely to be outdated.

The DPRK lost any support

The Malaysian government prohibited its residents to travel to the DPRK until its further notice. Before this order, Malaysia had been a reliable diplomatic partner of the DPRK.

On Thursday, after the US imposed new sanctions against the DPRK, the Chinese government gave 120 days to North Korean business companies and trading partners to shut down on its territory.

The order came out after the sanctions, approved by the UN Security Council in September, although China had been one of the most significant allies of the DPRK.

Chinese banks were ordered not to provide any business to North Korean customers. China, one of the main energy supplies for the DPRK, also intends to cut off the gas and shorten the import of refined petroleum products by 2018.

Previously, China stopped the shipments of coal, iron, lead ore, and seafood to the DPRK, Fox News reported.

The US and South Korea are checking their military readiness for possible provocations. President Trump decided to set strategic military assets in the region of the Korean Peninsula for the better defense. Trump said that he is going to 'fix the mess' with the DPRK.

Nevertheless, the US, as well as its allies, are intended to avoid provocation and come to a diplomatic way of reaching peace among the countries, even after North Korea launched the intercontinental ballistic missiles, conducted nuclear tests and flew midrange missiles over Japan.