North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho recently made a statement saying that United States President Donald Trump is trying to put down his country. Ri Yong Ho believes that Donald Trump is starting a war against North Korea. Apparently, Trump's speech at the United Nations General Assembly was the starting point.

The Korean Foreign Minister made the statement after a few weeks of increasing tension between both countries. According to CNN, North Korea condemned Trump's speech at the UN arena in September, stating that it was insane and aggressive.

The entire situation started with Korea's repeated nuclear tests. Trump was forced to talk on the issue, which escalated the tension.

The asian country wants to settle the final score

The Foreign Minister wants to settle the final score with a hail of fire and not words. The rising tension between both countries does not seem to be stopping at the moment. The United States president made a threatening statement to North Korea and also condemned the country's leader. Trump referred to Kim Jong-un as the "Rocket Man."

Kim Jong-un's regime has played their part in escalating the tension. The Foreign Minister of North Korea called Donald Trump "mentally deranged" after his speech at the UN. He further mentioned the previous warnings of Kim Jong-un to the United States.

Ri Yong Ho says that America must stop interfering with North Korea and that they should act sensibly.

Ri Yong Ho continues to add fuel to the fire

There is no doubt the Ri is continuing to add fuel to the flames. Ri said that his country will not leave the United States unpunished.

Donald Trump recently met with the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House.

At the meeting, he stated that his attitude toward listening to North Korea is completely different. Trump listens to everyone around him, but he has always been a little tougher on North Korea.

On the other hand, the American president is all set to make sure the US nuclear arsenal is in proper condition. He also denied the desire to increase the overall stockpile of said weapons.

Many believe that the tension between North Korea and the US started due to the unwanted nuclear tests conducted by the North Korean leader.

If Ri Yong Ho believes that the US lit the wick of war, Donald Trump is ready to see things through. However, many around the world hope that the tension between the two countries will be resolved.