North Korea led by Kim Jong-un, had tested more or less 14 missiles this year which resulted in the intensified strained relations with America. Moreover, it was reported that North Korea is capable and preparing to launch for test its long-range missile that is expected to hit the west coast part of the United States.

Financial pressure was put on them by the United States, following the tensions caused by the several missile tests. Even China, North Korea’s closest ally, had as well discontinued financial transactions with them.

Cryptic Tweet

On Saturday afternoon, Trump once again has taken to the social media his provocations to North Korea.

He said on his Twitter account that “only one thing will work.” The President added that for 25 years of negotiations extended to North Korea and the huge amount of money shed out, nothing had worked out. Hence, he said that only “one thing will work.” However, it is not clear yet what the President means and what he is referring to this.

It can be recalled that Trump previously tweeted that the US will make sure to take proper action to put a stop to the threats and he also stressed out in his meeting with the military that he will not let dictatorship threaten the United States.

Meanwhile, just right after few hours from Trump's tweets, the North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un, boasts the nuclear weapons of his country.

He regarded their nuclear weapon as a "powerful deterrent." He said in his speech during the meeting of the central community of the ruling Workers' Party that the nuclear weapons are the strong defense to possible threats and compromise of the peace and security of their peninsula, including the Northeast Asia.

He added that the economy of their nation has grown despite and in-spite of accelerated sufferance resulting from resolutions issued by the United Nation Council which put a curb on the nuclear weapon and missile launches or tests of North Korea.

Graphite Bomb

On the other hand, South Korea confirmed the development of their graphite bomb, identified as a non-lethal bomb that will target the infrastructure. A military official announced that the development is in the phase where they can make the said bombs anytime. South Korea and the United States have been working together on how to counter the nuclear weapons and missiles of North Korea that threatens massive destruction. The soft bomb was developed as a result of the rising tension between the said countries, which feared by many to accelerate into World War II.