Most people interested in cars will probably want to at least try driving a Porsche. It is one of the most popular sports car brands, after all. Plus, Porsches are known for their good design.

But being such a prestigious brand, it's not surprising that a Porsche is expensive. Even the Boxster costs upwards of $46,000 in the US market, and that's supposed to be one of the least expensive models.

Introducing Porsche Passport

Fortunately, Porsche is launching a subscription-based service for people who want to try driving their cars. According to a report by The Verge, the service will be available in Atlanta while hoping to branch out availability in other areas.

"Porsche will start a 'subscription service' for customers that could give them access to a number of their sports cars and SUVs, from $2,000 per month," columnist Zac Estrada writes in the report.

The service is called "Porsche Passport," and is expected to start in November. According to the same report, those who avail of the service will have "app-driven access" to a number of car models, based on a schedule.

This service is apparently part of Porsche's "Strategy 2025" program, which aims to cater to those people who want to experience their sports cars. They accomplished this in partnership with a company called Clutch Technologies LLC, which is part of the said program.

Up to 22 models, via flexible schedules

The aforementioned $2,000 monthly subscription will give Porsche Passport members access to six car models. It includes the 718 Cayman S and 718 Boxster, among others.

There is also a sort of "premium" subscription, which costs $3,000 per month. This membership plan grants access to the Cayenne E-Hybrid, among 22 other Porsche models.

It should be noted that the subscription fees mention above includes maintenance, insurance, detailing, as well as registration and vehicle tax. There is also a one-time activation fee of $500, which is deducted from the first credit check.

After these specifics are taken care of, it's just a matter of downloading the Porsche Passport app to avail of the service.

The app is available for both Apple iOS and Android. No worries about platform compatibility here, since these two operating systems are the most widely used on mobile devices, anyway.

Porsche is not the first major car brand to get into this kind of service. Volkswagen's "Audi on Demand" offers a similar experience, and operates in the San Francisco area.