Roderick Lamar Robinson, 39, made a post on Facebook, threatening to kill people in San Antonio and Oklahoma City in a similar manner to the brutal mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday which saw 59 people killed. He was known for regularly making threats using the social media platform.

Robinson was arrested Tuesday at his home in Warr Acres, Oklahoma City and is facing charges for a terroristic hoax. According to a report by KFOR, he will also face a second charge for terroristic threats.

Facebook post leads to social media messages to police

Oklahoma City Police Captain Bo Mathews said police had received several messages from people who had spotted a Facebook post by Robinson, threatening a shooting massacre in Oklahoma City and San Antonio in a similar manner to the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino shootings in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Unknown whether suspect had suitable weapons for mass shooting

According to Mathews, it is unknown whether Robinson owned the type of weapons required for a mass shooting, but said any threat of this nature must be taken seriously. He said people can’t say things like this, even under their breath, anymore. Matthews also said officials learn about this kind of threat more rapidly now, because of social media.

A statement was released on Facebook by Oklahoma City Police saying they always encourage people to “see something, say something,” and that the current case is a great example of people doing just that. The statement went on to say they had received the messages, alerting them to Robinson’s post, via their Facebook page and went on to say they cannot thank the public enough.

The police department also went on to thank the Warr Acres Police Department and the San Antonio Police Department for their cooperation in ensuring a speedy arrest.

Associated Press notes that the majority of the posts had been removed from Robinson’s Facebook page by Wednesday.

San Antonio police speak about Robinson

Romana Lopez, a spokeswoman for the San Antonio Police, said they were notified of Robinson’s Facebook threat by many people in San Antonio and had learned he regularly travels between San Antonio and Oklahoma City, where he lives.

According to Lopes, Robinson has an outstanding warrant in Texas, where he is wanted on a marijuana possession charge, but will now face a terroristic threatening charge on top of that.

Robinson is currently in the Oklahoma City Jail and it is unknown whether he has legal representation.