Following the impact of the three major hurricanes that took place over the last month, many have wondered how they could donate to help those in need. After First Lady Melania Trump posted a video to her Twitter account calling on Americans to help contribute with a donation, critics of the current administration were quick to lash out.

Melania on Twitter

It all started last month when Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas, doing the most damage in the city if Houston. Dozens were reported dead, with thousands being forced to evacuate to safer grounds.

Just a week later and Hurricane Irma made its way through Cuba before landing in Florida. The southern and central parts of the Sunshine State were hit the worst, as many were left without electricity. However, it was Hurricane Maria that will be remembered as the worst of the three, which knocked out power to the entire island of Puerto Rico and left 48 dead. Despite the impact of the storm, it took Donald Trump nearly a week to address the issue publicly, with many criticizing his slow response by blaming it on the attention the president gave to his feud with the NFL over the national anthem protests. Trump would go on to cause even more controversy, which ranged from downplaying the body count on the island, attacking the mayor of San Juan on social media, as well continuing to bring up the island's debt to the United States.

On October 17, Melania Trump tweeted out about the hurricanes and the relief efforts.

Taking to her Twitter account on Tuesday night, Melania Trump posted a video of herself speaking about the aforementioned hurricanes and how Americans could help donate to the cause.

"My determination on behalf of those affected by recent hurricanes remains steadfast," Melania tweeted out.

"The president and I have witnessed first hand the compassion and commitment of Americans as friends, neighbors, and strangers continue to volunteer time and money to help one another following the recent hurricanes," Melania Trump said in the video, before plugging websites to send the donations.

Not long after sending out her tweet, those who oppose Donald Trump decided to speak out.

Twitter reacts

Within minutes of Melania Trump's tweet about Hurricane Relief, the backlash quickly began. "But it is ok 4 Trump 2 insult/ bully ANY1 ?? Attitude reflects leadership!! He is NOT a good leader," one tweet read.

"The USNAVY Comfort Hospital ship is near EMPTY, the sick cannot get 2 the ship, people r dying in hospitals, #PuertoRico - shame on @potus," a tweet added.

"Then tell Donald Trump to get off his ass and actually DO something. These are American citizens!" yet another Twitter user wrote.

"Without the volume it looks seductive (the over puckered lips and head movements) like an ad for an internet porn date," an additional post noted about Melania Trump. As the negative reaction continued, the division between those on the political left and right showed no signs of slowing down anytime soon.