On Monday afternoon, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham met up with President Donald Trump at one of his many golf courses in New Jersey. After complimenting the president for his golf game on Twitter, critics of the GOP wasted no time firing back.

Graham golfs with Trump

Over the last two and a half years, Donald Trump has changed the way politics is played in Washington. From the day he kicked off his campaign for president, the former host of "The Apprentice" has created headlines that have divided the American people. Whether it was Democrats, Hollywood celebrities, members of the media, other world leaders, or members of his own Republican Party, Trump has not held back when it comes to voicing his opinions.

One Republican that has been an on-again, off-again target for the president has been South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who was critical of the billionaire real estate mogul at various times during the 2016 election and also in the nine months he's been in the White House. However, the two have appeared to patch things up after Graham worked on putting together a health care reform bill in Congress last month. The two ended up playing a round of golf together on Monday, with the senator commenting on the day out with a pair of tweets on October 9.

Taking to his Twitter account on Monday night was Lindsey Graham who was quick to speak out about his time golfing with Donald Trump, while giving the president credit for playing so well in bad weather.

"Really enjoyed a round of golf with President @realDonaldTrump today," Graham tweeted. Not stopping there, the senator then spoke about the commander in chief's skills on the golf course, tweeting, "President Trump shot a 73 in windy and wet conditions!"

"How bad did he beat me?" Lindsey Graham rhetorically asked in a follow up post.

"I did better in the presidential race than today on the golf course!" he replied, before adding, "Great fun. Great host."

Twitter reacts

Not long after Lindsey Graham sent out his tweet about golfing with Donald Trump, those who oppose the president decided to respond. "Sounds fun! He is allowing Russia to undermine democracy in the Western Hemisphere," Ike Barinholtz tweeted back.

"Are you kidding me?? Ridiculous health care repeal taking away care from millions and now this? WHAT DOES HE HAVE ON YOU??" one tweet read. "Did you know there are Americans suffering in PR and USVI? They need fresh water but I hope you enjoyed your golf game our tax dollars!!" another Twitter user posted.

"Ooooh, he’s my hero now! Golf in the wind! His biggest accomplishment yet!" yet another tweet added. "Puerto Rico and USVI are struggling without power and water and you're complimenting Trump on his golf game. So much for your oath," a social media user noted. The backlash continued as the rift between the political left and right in the United States doesn't look to be ending anytime soon.