When a SWAT team broke into the room of Stephen Paddock, the gunman was found dead of a gunshot wound. CNN reported that the 64-year old retired accountant took his own life, leaving authorities baffled about why he committed the atrocity.

23 guns were recovered by authorities from Paddock’s room in Mandalay Bay Casino. According to Clark County Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo, another 19 guns were discovered at the gunman’s home in Mesquite, Nevada, ABC News reported.

Authorities puzzled on Paddock’s motives

The BBC reported that Stephen Paddock shot 59 civilians dead, leaving 527 others injured.

The incident on Sunday was the deadliest mass shooting, and perhaps the most gruesome case, in modern US history.

During a concert in Las Vegas, the lone shooter sent bullets and terror down on the crowd who were watching the performance of Jason Aldean, CNN reported.

In addition, authorities found more scopes on rifles at the resort and explosives at the gunman’s residence. The arsenal kept in his room could signify that he deliberately committed the crime. But his motive remains unclear. Stephen Paddock had no Criminal Records.

Latest developments of the Las Vegas shooting incident

According to Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, the security at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino were interviewed by a team of six officers.

On Sunday night, the team combed the hotel where Paddock was staying and located the shooter’s room after a smoke alarm went off.

Sandra Casey was among the killed victims. She was known as a brilliant special education teacher by her colleagues. President Jennifer Cochran of the Manhattan Beach Unified School District, California, said the school lost a “spectacular teacher” who dedicated her life to providing assistance to the neediest students.

Sonny Melton was also killed in the shootout. Henry County, Melton’s employer at the Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee, said he was a registered nurse who was hard-working. Fortunately, Melton’s wife survived the incident.

According to a law enforcement official, the gunman had already bought numerous firearms in the past and kept his arsenal hidden until authorities discovered it, Reuters reported.

Stephen Paddock was able to buy the firearms legally. Initial reports indicated that Paddock modified a rifle into an automatic gun. The owner of the store where Paddock purchased his firearms told CNN that Paddock spoke to him about “how he just moved closer to where we are."