A Lufkin, Texas Kindergarten teacher will spend the next 10 Years in prison because she couldn't keep her hands off the students. Heather Lee Robertson, 39, was convicted of seven counts of sexual assault and for being a teacher having improper relations with students. The sexual encounters took place between November 2016 and February 2017. The sentence was handed down September 28 in

The Lufkin Police Department began investigating Robertson after receiving tips that she was having sex with high school students. In one instance, Robertson began sexting with a high school boy over Snapchat and asked him if he wanted to come to her home and have sex.

The boy told her he had a friend with him and asked if she minded if he brought the friend. She told him to bring the friend.

Kindergarten teacher had sex with two high school boys at the same time

When the two boys arrived at Robertson's apartment, she took off all of her clothes and had sex with both of them at the same time, according to the arrest warrant. When the police questioned the boys, they admitted to having sex with Robertson and gave the officers names of other high school students who had sex with the veteran Hudson Independent School District instructor.

When the officers questioned Robertson, she not only acknowledged the sexual relationships with multiple high school boys but volunteered information that caught the investigators off guard.

Robertson had no inclination toward safe sex in her sexual encounters with the teenagers. She indicated she had not required the boys to wear condoms because she could no longer have children.

There was apparently no thought given by either Robertson or the boys about the possibility that some kind of sexual disease could be transmitted without the use of protection.

The only protection Robertson had any interest in, according to the arrest warrant documents was the protection of the kindergarten teaching she had held for the past 13 years. The boys told police she had told them not to tell anyone about their encounters because she would lose her job.

Teacher required to register as sex offender

One alarming revelation that Robertson made during her interrogation by the police officers was that they had been even more sexual relationships with underage children that she had acknowledged. Robertson said she had a drinking problem and was drinking so much that she could not be sure if she remembered just how many boys she had taken to bed. In addition to her time behind bars, Robertson will be required to register as a sex offender. She has also surrendered her Texas teaching certificate.