Arizona GOP Congressman Paul Gosar is claiming that liberals organized and instigated the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. on August 12, 2017. At that rally, a white supremacist killed a female counter-protester with his car and two Virginia State troopers, who were looking for the suspect, were killed when their helicopter crashed. The event was planned, organized and led by blogger Jason Kessler, who was regarded as a "newcomer" to the white supremacy movement. Gosar is suggesting that Kessler's rally actually was inspired and instigated by multi-billionaire and "Obama sympathizer" George Soros.

Gosar also is alleging that Kessler has connections to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Gosar has offered no documentation or proof of his allegations; however, he still sticks by those allegations.

Gosar discusses Soros

Within just a day of Trump's deliberate mispronunciation of the word "Puerto" by President Donald Trump in commemoration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Gosar is making widespread, unsubstantiated allegations that put the blame for the Charlottesville rally on the least likely suspects, including liberals, left-wingers, and even George Soros. In blaming Soros, Gosar referenced Soros' Hungarian birthplace and claimed that Soros is Jewish. Furthermore, Gosar claimed that Soros betrayed his fellow Jewish people by turning them over to the Nazis.

However, Gosar provided no evidence that Soros is, in fact, Jewish, or that Soros turned anybody over to the Nazis.

Reaction on Twitter

The responses on Twitter to Gosar's allegations from publishers and average Americans were largely negative. Susan Kristol asked why Gosar felt it necessary to cite Soros' Jewish heritage:

Eric Michael Garcia, of Political Capital, stated emphatically that the interview with Gosar, in which he made these accusations, was "bonkers:

The New York Magazine stated that the GOP's "bonkers wing" has gained its newest member (Gosar):

Philip Bump sarcastically reiterated Gosar's claim that Soros "paid Nazis" to "gin up" violence at the Charlottesville rally:

Bruce Bartlett described Gosar as "the stupidest member of Congress":

Despite all of the consternation and negative responses to his claims, Gosar remained steadfast in his position.

Gosar tweeted that one does not blame "the tools" and that to so is "infantile and ignorant." In other words, Gosar was alleging that one should not blame the rally participants, (the "tools") and that one should blame the "perpetrator," (George Soros), instead:

Blaming both sides

Paul Gosar was not the only one to make far-reaching claims and to assess blame for the events in Charlottesville.

After the horrific tragedies in Charlottesville, Donald Trump blamed "both sides," (the white supremacist and the counter-protesters), for those tragedies. Trump's allegations attracted much consternation from concerned individuals across the globe. Millions of people throughout the world stated that Trump's comments provided more confirmation that he is a racist and a bigot. Trump's ridicule of the name "Puerto Rico" accentuated those concerns even further, perhaps to the point of no return.