The biggest news in recent days has stemmed from the ongoing Russian investigation and the first round of charges that were filed over the weekend. On Monday, the name of the individuals charged were release, prompting a quick response from Donald Trump and the White House.

Fox News on Mueller

The scandal of Russian election interference first became public during the early days of the 2016 presidential election. Once Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president in June 2015, it didn't take long before questions were raised. The usually blunt and critical Trump seemed to hold back any negative remarks about Russian President Vladimir Putin, which triggered speculation about the relationship between both men.

Questions only continued to surround Trump's possible ties to Russia when he became the first major presidential candidate in the last four decades to refuse to make his tax returns public. Following Trump's election win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, multiple reports from various news outlets and government agencies confirmed that Russia hacked into the election and did so with the goal of helping to elect the former host of "The Apprentice." On Monday, it was revealed that former campaign manager Paul Manafort, as well as his associate Rick Gates, were both indicted, while ex-campaign aid George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. As the story picked up steam, the issues were highlighted during a October 30 broadcast on Fox News.

During a Monday segment on Fox News, network contributor and part-time host Judge Andrew Napolitano was on to give his thoughts about the matter at hand. Though Napolitano has praised Trump in the past, he was quick to set the record straight by defending Mueller's actions, while sending a warning to viewers about what could come next.

"That this is the first of many dominoes to fall," Andrew Napolitano warned. "Bob Mueller is following the standard M.O. of federal prosecutors," Napolitano went on to say in defense of the special counsel.

“You’ve got a totem pole," he explained, noting that "you’ve got somebody at the top of the totem pole, that’s your big prize: no surprise," in reference to Donald Trump.

The judge continued to explain that Robert Mueller and his team will indict as many people as possible and "squeeze them" in an attempt to extract information about Donald Trump and his alleged ties back to Russia. "This is the first in many steps in Bob Mueller's putting together an enormous puzzle," Napolitano concluded.

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While even some on Fox News are warning against what could unravel in the Russian investigation, Donald Trump and his administration have denied any wrongdoing, while doing their best to deflect back to Hillary Clinton and the Obama presidency. With the pressure mounting, the president is expected to face a tough battle ahead as speculation only grows by the day.