To Jennifer Smith, Ryan Lin was the Roommate from hell and though he only shared her apartment for a couple of months, the nightmare continues. FBI agents in Waltham, Massachusetts arrested Lin, 24, Thursday, on a felony charge related to his systematic cyberstalking of his former roommate. According to the probable cause affidavit, Lin accessed Jennifer Smith's computer while living with her, including her online diary and then used it to harass and attempt to destroy her life in a campaign that started in April 2016 and continued to the present.

During the time Lin lived with Smith and two other women, he managed to steal information from their computers, dumped food and garbage in the closets, kept getting rid of their belongings, and installed hidden cameras without their knowledge. Two months after he moved in, Lin was evicted and according to the affidavit, that was when his obnoxious behavior turned dangerous and potentially fatal.

Cyberstalker sent ex-roommate's psychological, sexual history to her parents, 13-year-old sister

Using the information he stole from his ex-roommate's laptop, Lin, using numerous services to hide his identity, began sending message taken from her online psychological and sexual history and sent it to her other roommates, co-workers, parents, her parents' work colleagues, her former teachers and school administrators and her 13-year-old sister, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Lin constructed a collage from photos taken from her laptop and other devices and began posting the pictures on websites dedicated to prostitution and sexual fetishes. Investigators allege Lin, pretending to be Smith, said she was interested in living out a rape fantasy and enjoyed bondage and rough sex. He allegedly posted her address with an invitation to drop by and have sex with her.

At least three men tried to take advantage of the invitation. After she moved in with a new roommate, the probable cause statement says, Lin sent text messages to the new roommate claiming that Smith was "a demon" and encouraging the new roommate to take a knife and stab Smith to death.

Authorities say cyberstalker sent bomb threats to schools, attempting to cast blame on ex-roommate

Messages were also sent to Smith, encouraging her to commit suicide, according to the probable cause affidavit. Lin purportedly sent a series of bomb threats to public and private schools and day care centers, making it appear that the threats were coming from Smith and her family. Child pornography photos and videos were sent to Smith's parents.

Lin was only arrested on one charge, but federal investigators are working on other felony charges, including child pornography possession and distribution, aggravated identity theft, computer fraud and abuse and wire fraud. The cyberstalking charge carried a maximum penalty of five years in prison.